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Stained Garage Floor Coatings

  • Beautiful color choices
  • Over two decades of use in harsh climates
  • Chemical and stain resistant
  • Manufacturer installed products
  • UV and fade resistant – great for outdoors
  • Easy maintenance
  • UV and fade resistant – great for outdoors
  • Superior physical property strentgh
  • Lifetime warranty

Stained Garage Floor Coatings in Nashville

Transform your drab, lifeless concrete garage floor into a dynamic, stained color garage floor. Garage Floorz sets the standard in Nashville for stained garage floor coatings and sealing. We offer unlimited color and texture options, backed by a lifetime warranty!

We developed our StampStone® Water-Based Liquid Stains to provide a wide array of earth-tone colors. The iron oxides we use are a naturally produced coloring medium which maintain their colors longer than chemical coloring to prevent your garage floor from fading.

Unlimited Color Blends for Stained Garage Floor Coatings in Nashville

Our StampSone® Liquid Stains come in 24 basic colors that can be mixed in custom color blends. By blending colors we can create a virtually unlimited color pallet for creating gorgeous surface colors and finishes for your Nashville garage floor.

Unlike other water based stains, StampStone® Liquid Stains are produced without sealers in the product, giving us freedom to modify stained garage floors after initial application. It also allows for custom modeling and accenting for creating additional finish options. Once the desired effect has been achieved we seal the beautiful colors with an Acrylic, Epoxy-Urethane or Polyurethane coating to protect the floor from wear and to ensure years of beauty and durability.

Perfect for Residential and Commercial Uses

Stained floor coatings are also great for other residential and commercial applications. Basement floors, patios, restaurants or retail flooring can all benefit from these beautiful and durable finishes.

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