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How to Repair Damage to Epoxy Chip Garage Floors

Garage Floors - Murfreesboro, TN
Murfreesboro Garage floors need to be strong and durable to withstand heavy loads and frequent use. Years of wear and tear can stain and damage concrete floors and leave them uneven and unsightly. Epoxy chip garage floors are one of the best options for toughness, longevity, and a gorgeous appearance.

What Are Epoxy Chip Floors?

Epoxy chip garage floors are made of a layer of high-quality vinyl flakes mixed in epoxy, between a basecoat and a clear topcoat. They are a popular option due to their near indestructibility and unlimited color options. You can customize any color blend you like or match the surrounding area. Both gloss and satin finishes are available to personalize your flooring options even further.

One of the best benefits of epoxy flooring is that it seals the underlying concrete pad, making it easy to clean and resistant to stains. Epoxy chip flooring has a slight texture that is similar to an orange peel and makes it slip-resistant, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. It also hides small imperfections to deliver an even and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How Can I Repair Minor Cracks and Chips In My Murfreesboro Garage Floor?

Occasionally, minor damage may occur to your epoxy chip floor. You can usually handle minor epoxy floor repair issues on your own by following these steps:

  • Prep the surface by gently removing any loose material with a paint scraper
  • Scuff and sand the area to allow the material to adhere correctly
  • Vacuum up any dirt and debris
  • Clean the area thoroughly and allow to dry
  • You may need to use a cleaner to remove any grease that could interfere with the new material sticking to the area
  • Fill the cracks and holes with compound
  • For small cracks, you can inject the material for greater precision
  • Allow the compound to overfill the gaps in the floor and then remove the excess and smooth it with a clean trowel
  • Let the compound cure according to the instructions. Most take a few hours to a few days
  • Once the filled area is cured, you can gently buff the surface to smooth it out and blend it with the surrounding area
  • Clean the surface again to make sure it is free of dust and dirt
  • Apply a new topcoat of clear epoxy to seal your newly refinished floor

You should always address any signs of damage as soon as possible. Correcting minor issues quickly can prevent the damage from becoming worse.

What Should I Do If the Damage Is Extensive?

If your floor has more severe problems, or the damage extends to a large area, it is best to call a professional to handle the repairs or to get your floor resurfaced. Patches are only suitable for small cracks and minor gaps. Large holes and uneven surfaces are more difficult to fix if you don’t have the right skills.

The process of applying a basecoat, your custom color blend of epoxy and vinyl chips, and then the topcoat to seal the floor requires specialized techniques. There is a science to the procedure if you want the results to look great and last. Epoxy chip flooring can be installed quickly and last for a long time with it is done right. The entire process is generally quite fast and allows you to begin to use the area again almost immediately after the floor is finished.

Garage Floorz has been providing exceptional flooring installation and service to Nashville and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. Our expert team has the knowledge and skills to repair or install both indoor and outdoor flooring for your residential or commercial space. Whether your epoxy chip garage flooring needs attention due to cracks and holes, or you would like to install a beautiful and durable new floor, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your project and get started!

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