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What Can You Do with Epoxy Floors?

Nashville interior commercial epoxy concrete flooring

Epoxy flooring is a coating made from resin and hardeners that creates a durable layer on your concrete floor. After mixing the resin and hardeners together, you’ll apply the epoxy to strengthen your floor, make it easier to clean and add your favorite colors or stains. Many home and business owners coat their garage floors with epoxy, but you can add an epoxy floor to virtually any room in your home or business.

1. Floor Your Garage

Between parked vehicles, water damage, dropped tools, paint spills, weather damage and ordinary wear and tear, garage floors take a lot of abuse. While concrete provides a sturdy foundation, epoxy adds an extra layer of durability. Epoxy doesn’t stain, so you can spill oil or paint on the floor and clean it up easily. Even certain harsh chemicals don’t damage the epoxy.

Other coatings chip or crack, allowing water to creep underneath the surface. Epoxy provides a hard coating that doesn’t crack easily. Similarly, epoxy withstands high temperatures without melting or warping. Unlike unfinished concrete, which collects grease and particles, epoxy offers a flat surface that materials won’t stick to.

2. Protect Your Kitchen

Epoxy flooring stands up to virtually any kitchen spill, including sticky ingredients like soda, fruit punch, fondue or melted chocolate. Instead of contaminating the floor, the ingredients wipe away in seconds. If you have kids, this means that the flooring stands up to spilled milk, dropped plates and other everyday messes. Dogs can track in mud and dirt without ruining the wood paneling.

With a variety of colors and stains to choose from, epoxy improves the aesthetic of your kitchen. Enhance the beauty of your wood floors, or cover the existing flooring with a solid color. You can also choose from hundreds of chip options that make your floor bright and colorful. Fill free to consult us here at Garage Floorz about the options for your epoxy coating.

3. Decorate Your Basement

When you transform your basement into a bedroom, TV room or at-home bar, epoxy provides vibrant colors that match your interior design. Cover up the hard, unfinished concrete to make the basement more inviting. Just make sure you eliminate moisture issues before you apply the epoxy–if you add epoxy to damp or wet concrete, the coating might pull away from the surface.

For storage or unfinished basements, epoxy doesn’t scratch, tear, chip or flake away. You can store exercise equipment, heavy electronics, stacks of crates and garden machinery without destroying the floor. Since epoxy flooring lasts for years, you can essentially coat the floor and forget about it instead of redoing your basement every few years.

4, Waterproof Your Bathroom

When you have an unfinished bathroom floor, water creeps into cracks in the concrete or wood paneling. This promotes mold and mildew growth, creating unsanitary conditions. Germs and bacteria can also lurk in the flooring. When you coat your bathroom floor with epoxy, the germs, water and bacteria can’t stick to the floor. You’ll clean the surface in seconds and keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

Stepping into the shower often means tracking debris into the bathroom. Dirt, mud, paint, oil and grease sink into the floor as well as water, soap and shampoo spills. Since epoxy creates a slick, durable surface, the debris can’t settle into the flooring and create unsightly stains.

5. Order Epoxy Flooring for Garage Floors

Garage Floorz offers high-quality epoxy coatings with hundreds of color chips and dozens of solid color and stain options. Choose the right color for your space, then hire us to create the most beautiful floor in your home or business. We provide some of the strongest coatings in the industry that stand up to high temperatures, chemical spills and heavy loads.

Contact us today to get a free estimate for your project. Call us during business hours, or fill out the form on our website to get in touch with a professional.

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