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The Evolution of the Garage and Epoxy Floor Sealing

Most homes being built in the United States today have a garage either attached or un-attached. In fact, 79% of homes today have a garage and this percentage is growing with each passing year. Garages are getting bigger and three car garages make up 40% of the market. There is no denying the garage has become a very important part of our houses and lives. The customizable uses of the garage have almost become a focal point for home owners.

When prospective home buyers are in the market for a new or existing home, the garage has commonly become a key factor in their search. Potential home buyers are considering if the garage will hold their vehicles, motorcycle, bikes, golf-cart, ATV, tools cabinets, lawn mowers, camping equipment, and store their other items? It is no wonder that the garage has become so important. When bringing the children home from school, or the groceries home from the store, the garage is a place to unload out of the weather and with the garage door shut. The garage presents easy access to the home and provides security for your family and things.

71% of home owners say the garage has become a functional part of their lives and the main entrance to their home. The garage has stepped into the forefront of our lives, and we did not even know it!

How did our garage get to this point of importance? Well it all really started with the invention of the automobile, which at the time were referred to as horseless carriages, and a new American passion was born. The old buggy was moved out of the carriage house, and the new automobile took it’s place, most with dirt, rock or brick floors, depending on your finances. These early shelters had a style of their own, mostly with an outside shed or barn type look. The first automobiles were small but they still fit snuggly in the carriage house. Only a small amount of people could afford them but that would not last long.

When a young man by the name of Henry Ford came up with the assembly line and made the dream of owning a car, a reality for many would be car owners, it made owning an automobile affordable to the masses. And with this came many changes that are still evolving to this day.

 With our garages becoming such a part of our modern lifestyle, and becoming a focal point to our homes exterior as well as interior, and our new entry way to our home, it can no longer be the catch all it used to be. The garage needs a make over to make it efficient, organized, functional and awe inspiring to our lives. A great place to start with that makeover is with the garage floor. Gone are the days of having a drab unsealed concrete or gray painted garage floor, that easily stains and leaves hot-tire marks. Epoxy coatings have become the most popular choice for garage floor sealing and design. Choose from styles that look exactly like Granite, Quartz, or Terrazzo garage flooring but with an incomparably lower price tag. Plus you get added bonuses such as a Life Time Satisfaction Warranty that is guaranteed against hot tire pick-up. These are not the same epoxy garage floor coatings they sell at Home Depot or Lowes. These are epoxy garage floor coatings designed to be put down by professionals, not Do-It-Yourselfer’s. Artistic Polymers has more epoxy floor options than anyone else in Middle Tennessee and with the experience that comes from installing thousands of garage floor coatings, you are sure to get the finish of your dreams.

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